...open-source, cross-platform compression.

About jShrinker

jShrinker aims to be a cross-platform solution to compression. It's main code is released under the GNU General Public License and it utilizes code released under a variety of other open-source licenses. It will include the ability to compress and decompress many formats such as the following:

  • 7zip*
  • bzip2
  • gzip
  • lzma
  • zip
  • tar
  • jar
*Decompress only

It will also include other useful features such as encryption of archives and batch decompression. With batch decompression you can select a directory and every single supported archive under that directory will be decompressed and their files placed in a location you designate.

jShrinker is slated to become internationalized as well. A framework is being created as development continues to allow swapping of languages. In the future, people who can translate English to another language will be needed to help translate a single file to allow support of the other language.

Latest Version

jShrinker is current at version 0.3.0. Included in this version is the decompression of all the archive types mentioned above. In future versions we will add the compression methods as well as the additional features.

Get the Source

The source code for the current release can always be found within the jShrinker jar file. This can be opened with a variety of software packages, including jShrinker itself.

If you would like to see the latest code, feel free to browse our CVS repository.


  • July 18th, 2009 ->
    • The project's charter has been crafted and solidified. It will be used as a roadmap as the project develops. The development of the new requirements of the project is underway.
  • August 3rd, 2009 ->
    • The redesign and rewrite of the entire codebase is going to take some time. An update to the project will be posted once the redesign is complete.